4.7 million women to deliver over the coming months in Pakistan
4.7 million women to deliver over the coming months in Pakistan, warns PPIF Board Member and Senior FP Expert Dr. Yasmeen Qazi.

Chairman’s Message in response to the COVID-19 Pendamic.

We in The Punjab, like the rest of the world, are facing one of the greatest challenge of our time. On behalf of Punjab Population Innovation Fund’s Board of Director, I wish to convey our shared concern and urge you to take the common sense measures require to keep all of us safe from COVID-19.

Attending first to the safety and security of your families, please also take this opportunity to work with our CEO, Jawad Ahmed Qureshi to creat a viable environment needed to work from home.

I would also like to offer all of our partners and government counter part’s prayers for good health..

we aim to remain focused and work together trying to deliver our program while taking all necessary precautions even as we deal with the ongoing crisis.

with prayers and best wishes

Dr. Ijaz Nabi  

Mr. Jawad Ahmad Qureshi, CEO PPIF

We, at the Punjab Population Innovation Fund, would like to extend our heartfelt concerns to all of those affected by COVID-19. The World Health Organization has declared this outbreak a pandemic with far reaching health implications worldwide. Consequently, the Govt of Punjab has declared a strict lockdown of the province to ensure the safety of all citizens.

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about Covid-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. we are entering a period where the threat we face requires us to collectively practice social and physical distancing and all other precautionary measures outlined by WHO and Government of Pakistan.

Disease outbreaks often effect women disproportionately and pandemics make existing inequalities  for women and girls and discrimination of others extremely poor and marginalized groups much worse. in moment like these access to health centers and family planing is essential to people’s livelihood. our field activities are temporarily suspended to ensure the safety of our employees, partners and beneficiaries until further notice from the Government of Punjab.

However, we are doing our best to keep you informed with regular updates on the unfolding situation, safety and cleanliness measures as outlined by the relevant authorities.

Today we must rise to accept our responsibility as citizens of the Pakistan and remember that we are all in this together to beat this!        

With prayers and best wishes 

Jawad Ahmed Qureshi