Health & Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)

Project Title

Increased demand and access to high quality family planning services in underserved areas

Innovative Idea/ Nature of projects:

The project is modelled after the successful intervention mobilizing community based workers providing door-step services, called MARVIs in Sindh and introduced as Noor in Punjab, supported by clinical services through LHVs. As an innovation, a Mobile Academy component, adopted from BBC Media Action’s Ananya Program in India, will also be introduced to build the capacity of Noor through audio courses. In addition, the project will disseminate standard information packages through ICT based mobile applications for behavior change

Program Location

15 Union Council of Muzaffargarh

Target Outcomes

Increasing the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR)

Decreasing the proportion of unintended pregnancies

Increasing Couple Year of Protection (CYP)

Awarding Date

25 August 2017

Period of Intervention