Project Name: Minimizing informational obstacles and reducing social stigma about family planning: Provision of information in Pocket and community mobilization
Nature of projects: Adapted from a successful model pioneered by Georgetown University, scaled worldwide on smartphones and feature phones in India, a mobile based App ‘Sohni’ will be developed for fertility awareness and as an entry point to promote modern methods among Married Women of Reproductive Age (MWRA). The features of the app include culturally sensitive and localized content and SMS alerts, available in English, Urdu and Punjabi. A toll-free helpline service will be linked to the app for counselling on modern methods to users registered through behavior change media campaign and field interventions in 8 UCs.​
 Program Location:  The most populated UCs of all eight districts
 Target Outcomes:  Dissemination of correct Family Planning Information Enhancing counseling skills of healthcare providers
 Awarding Date:  25 August 2017
 Period of Intervention 2017-18
 Contractor Name:  Institute of Social and Cultural Studies
 Contractor Location:  Lahore, Punjab