Innovative Model for FP Service Delivery for the Poor in Punjab

Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF), a non-profit, public sector company, registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, requests bids from public, private sector and not-for-profit organizations (with experience in Family Planning/Reproductive Health projects, capacity to work in rural areas and experience in community mobilization) for implementation of family planning service delivery for the poor in district Rahim Yar Khan of Punjab. 


  1. PPIF, BISP, and the Population Council aim to directly benefit upto 20,000 BISP beneficiaries (Married Women of Reproductive Age) in Rahim Yar Khan for uptake of family planning services. The project will also create community-based information channels for an additional 60,000 BISP beneficiaries.
  2. The project will reduce the unmet need for family planning by financing the uptake of family planning services by these beneficiaries enabling them to make decisions that promote positive health outcomes for the communities at large. 

Description of Services

  1. Hiring and Orientation of Project staff
  2. Demand Generation
  • Capacity Building of Social Mobilizers and BISP Mother Ambassadors
  • Conduct Awareness Raising Community Sessions and Household Visits
  1. Service Delivery
  • Mapping and Assessment of Private Health Providers/Facilities
  • Develop Quality Assured Network of Private Health Service Providers
  • Develop a Referral Mechanism for Expanded Method Mix
  • Provision of Family Planning Commodities to Service Providers
  1. Development of a Management Information System
  • Supportive Supervision of Mobile Application for Voucher Management used by the service providers

Geographic Location: Rahim Yar Khan District

Duration: 18 Months